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How to Apply for a CPF CSN Company Account

If you are a new start up and hiring Singaporeans or PR in Singapore, you will need a company account from CPF called CPF CSN in order to process your monthly CPF submissions. Here’s a short 5-minute guide on how you can apply for a CPF CSN

A brief introduction to CPF

Central Provident Fund (CPF) is an essential social security system for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to save up funds for retirement. Employees and employers contribute a certain amount to the employees’ CPF account based on the employee’s monthly salary. And it is not just monthly salary that attracts CPF contribution. Payments by companies such as bonuses, AWS, transport allowance, commissions and even Chinese New Year Ang Pow monies will attract CPF payment as well.

These funds will then be channelled into the following three sub accounts.

  1. Ordinary Account: Mainly reserved for education and housing needs.
  2. Special Account: Mainly reserved for retirement needs.
  3. Medisave Account: Mainly reserved for healthcare needs.

Only Singaporeans or Permanent Residents are eligible for a CPF account and contribution is compulsory and mandated by the law.

It is the companies’ responsibility to inform the CPF board of how much contribution is required for each employee on a monthly basis – this is known as the monthly CPF submission. And in order for companies to do a CPF submission, they will need a CSN number.

It is the companies’ responsibility to inform the CPF board of how much contribution is required for each employee on a monthly basis – this is known as the monthly CPF submission.

What is CSN?

A CSN is short for CPF Submission Number and is issued by CPF Board for every company that contributes to employees’ CPF account.

Pro Tip: Generally companies use their CSN to liaise with CPF board for CPF matters. However, some other government ministry may also require the use of a company’s CSN number. For example, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires company to have a CSN number before they are allowed to hire foreigners.

A CSN is made up of a company’s Unique Entity Number (UEN) issued by ACRA or an individual’s NRIC/FIN (if an individual is trading under their own name) and a CPF Payment Code.

The CPF Payment Code allows CPF to identify the types of payment employers make to the CPF Board. This includes CPF Contribution, Voluntary Contributions and Medisave Contributions etc. Different types of payment will require a different CSN number. Ie a company may have multiple CSN number.


How to Apply for a CSN?

There are only two types of entities that can apply for a CSN.

  • UEN registered entity
  • Sole Proprietor

If you have not registered your company with ACRA, they provide a one-stop solution for you to register you company and apply for CSN at the same time. Check out BizFile for more information.

However, if you are an existing UEN registered entity or a Sole Proprietor, you can proceed directly to the CPF website and apply for a CSN.

You are encouraged to have the following information ready prior to apply for CSN.

  • Your designation
  • Contact information (eg HP or land line)
  • Email address
  • Nature of Business
  • Office address
  • Bank details (if you wish to do direct bank deduction)


We list below the steps to apply for a CSN Number. However do note that as of date the steps listed are correct as of date of this article. CPF may adjust their application process without prior notice.

Where to Apply for CPF CSN

Navigate to this CPF URL. Search for Apply for CSN and click on the link.

Apply CSN Link


Select your login method depending your organization type

Login Type

Application Page

You will be redirected to a Apply for CPF Submission Number page. Read through the details provided. At the end of this page

  • Tick the Terms and Conditions checkbox
  • Indicate if you wish to autofill your details. (It’s easier if you select Yes as they will auto populate your personal details for you)

Click on Start to proceed

Details and Terms and Conditions

Employer Type

Here you will indicate the employer type for your organization. The majority of users should be choosing the first option “Entity Registered With ACRA” if you are a company or sole-proprietorship. However, do read through the options and select the relevant one that is applicable to your organization. Click on Next to proceed.

Employer Type

Personal Particulars

In this screen, you have to fill up your particulars (if CPF didn’t automatically fill it in for you). Specify your details including address. Click on Next to proceed

Requestor Particulars

Setup EZPay

You should be at step 3 by now. CPF will inform you that they will setup your CPF EZPay account. You do not have to put in a separate application as CPF will auto create an account for you.

You will need CPF EZPay to do CPF eSubmission. You will also have to decide how you wish to pay for your organizaqtion’s CPF Contributions. If you choose Direct Debit, CPF will auto deduct the amount you submitted automatically every month. If you choose eNETS you will have to process payment via eNETS every month. (We suggest Direct Debit as it is less hassle.) Click on Next to continue.

Setup CPF EZPay


Finally in the last step, review the information that you keyed in in the previous steps. If all the information is correct, click on Submit to complete the application process.

Review Details

After applying for a CSN, you should proceed to register for a CorpPass as you will need it to access various government eServices, including submission of monthly CPF contributions. Note: CSN is simply an identifier and not a login account.

What is CorpPass

CorpPass is a digital identity for businesses and other entities (non-profit organizations) to conduct transactions with the government bureau online.

It will replace government/agency-issued login IDs such as SingPass for entities with a UEN.

Benefits of CorpPass

  • More convenient and better control access for businesses
  • Users no longer need to have multiple login IDs when transacting with government agencies.
  • Increased Data Protection.
  • With different login IDs for a corporate (CorpPass) and personal matters (SingPass), there would be more privacy of information for both employees and businesses.

CorpPass Home Page

CPF Submission

After CPF board issues you with a CSN, you can now perform your monthly CPF submission. For this you will need to use CPF board’s EZPay online services. This is a digital service to allow employers to notify CPF board of the contributions required for every employees.

As a quick summary, you will need to do the following to do CPF submission through CPF EZPay

  1. Login to your CPF EZPay and select the month you intend to make CPF contributions
  2. Key in employees ordinary, additional wages (if any) and SHG fees.
  3. EZPay system will calculate the CPF contributions based on the employees’ total salary.
  4. Employers verify CPF contribution amount and submit it into the system.


Refer to this article for more information on how to do your monthly CPF submissions.

After a company submits the contribution amounts to CPF board, they will then make payment either via Direct Debit, PayNow or eNETS.

There is no need to apply for CPF EZPay. You should be automatically registered for CPF EZPay account when you apply to CPF board for your CSN. However you will need a CorpPass to access EZPay services.

We hope that this guide helps to improve your understanding of how CPF works and how you can easily apply your own company’s CPF Submission Number.