CPF eSubmissions

CPF eSubmissions: A Simple Guide for Employers

Whether you are a first-time employer paying out CPF for the first time or an employer looking to make CPF contributions in a more hassle-free manner, this is the guide for you! We detail the steps required to do your monthly CPF eSubmissions via CPF Board’s EZPay System.

Employers’ CPF Obligations 101

For those new to paying CPF, here’s a quick crash course on what you need to know about your obligations as a Singapore employer:

  1. Under the CPF Act, CPF contributions must be paid out to any employees who are Singapore citizens, or Singapore PRs (if they earn more than $50/month)

  2. You must pay for both employer’s and employee’s share of the contribution but are entitled to recover the employee’s share through their wages

  3. Contribution rates for each employee differ based on their age – check out the rates at the CPF website!

  4. Companies are responsible to submit CPF contributions every month. (This is when you inform CPF Board how much CPF your company is suppose to pay for each employees)

  5. Actual payment of monies to CPF Board is due by the 14th of the following month. E.g. May 2022 CPF contributions must be paid by 14 June 2022.

  6. Penalties for late payment is levied at an interest rate of 1.5% per month.


3 Methods To Do CPF eSubmissions

To help simplify the CPF eSubmissions process, the Central Provident Fund Board has come up with a new digital service called CPF EZPay.

Note: CPF Board has ceased hard copies submission since January 2021.

Depending on your business’ operations and use of automated HR software, you may choose from 3 different methods of CPF eSubmissions.


The portal allows you to key in and save your employee’s data and salary information. It will then automatically compute the necessary CPF contributions. Once verified, you can pay conveniently via a variety of payment options – including PayNow, eNets, or Direct Debit.


CPF EZPay (Electronic Standing Instruction – ESI)
A useful feature for employers whose CPF contributions consistently stay the same month after month. Employers can set up automatic recurring CPF eSubmissions and payments via direct debit. Set it up once and let it run every month – that is until any wage changes come into play. This is suitable for companies where monthly wages and allowances remain unchanged most of the time and where employees seldom have over-time pay.


CPF EZPay (File Transfer Protocol – FTP)
Think that manually entering or editing an employee’s data into EZPay is a headache? If you are already using a payroll software that supports CPF EZPay FTP, then you could skip this step entirely. Employers can generate a file via their payroll software and upload it directly to CPF. No more double data entry work!


How To Get Started with CPF EZPay?

Ready to start making your CPF contributions for the month via CPF EZPay? Here’s a simple guide on all the things you need to get started! 

There are 7 steps to perform monthly CPF eSubmissions via CPF EZPay, with the last step being to receive an email confirmation.


Step 1
After logging in, click on CPF EZPay



Step 2
Next specify the month and year to submit contribution details. Ensure Submit via Employee Database is selected. Click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Select CPF Contribution Month


Step 3
Key in the salary amount for each employee. This includes Ordinary Wages and/or Additional Wages. You have to also specify any Self-Help Group fees that the employee has to contribute. You do so by specifying the Agency Name (eg CDAC) and the amount to contribute for that particular month. Once you’re done, click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Specify Salary and SHG Fees

Note: If this is the first time your company is submitting CPF records, you need to key in your employee details first. You can do so either by keying in the records manually or uploading an excel file.

Import Employee Details


Step 4
This screen will show you a list of employees including their wages that you had input in the previous step. If you have a particular employee who did not work for that month (eg s/he is on sabbatical), you can exclude that employee for this current month’s CPF contributions by unchecking his or her record on the left most column. Click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Select employees to process


Step 5
At this step the system shows you the total CPF to be paid for each employee including company’s contribution portion. It also includes the SDL that has to be paid for each employee. Do take note of the following

  • If you have foreigners in your workforce, you have to calculate SDL for them and key it under Skills Development Levy (SDL) – For Foreign Employees. Key in the exact amount as CPF EZPay will auto round-down the amount in the next page.
  • You can also specify any additional Self-Help Group amount to contribute. For example if you hire Muslim foreigners, you might have to include their MBMF contribution under 7. Total MBMF Contributions. This is because MUIS requires all working Muslims in Singapore to contribute to this fund, regardless of nationality.

Specify Foreigner SDL

Step 6
Review all the details. Once you are satisfied that the information is correct, you can go ahead to select a payment method – Direct Debit, PayNow or eNETS. We recommend you to select Direct Debit so that CPF Board will auto deduct the amount from your bank account. This way you avoid situations where you forgot to pay or are unable to pay due to technical issues. However, you will first need to setup standing instructions via your bank and CPF Board so that this option will be available to you.

Check and Verify CPF Details

Step 7
Finally, you will then receive an email notification from CPF regarding your submission.

Late Payment Penalty Fees

It is imperative that you make CPF payment on time. Payment has to be made by the 14th of the following month. E.g. for May 2022 CPF contributions, you have to make payment to CPF board by 14 June 2022. CPF Board takes a very strict view on late payment and will impose penalty fees (1.5% per month) and they generally reject most reasons for late payment.

One common misstep is errors in CPF contribution amount. Suppose you made a mistake and under declared the salary for an employee for May 2022. And you only discovered the mistake on 15 Jun 2022. Even if you make the necessary adjustment on 15 Jun 22 and pay the difference on the same day, it is still deemed as late payment and penalty fees will be imposed.

One way to overcome this issue is to complete your monthly CPF eSubmissions early so that you have a buffer to discover any mistakes and make any amendments and payment before 14th of the following month.

CPF Board takes a very strict view on late payment and will impose penalty fees (1.5% per month) and they generally reject most reasons for late payment.

Payroll Software to Make EZPay Contributions A Breeze

Still finding these monthly updates per line item in the EZPay a hassle? Why not consider using our payroll software JUSIXTY to simply the process for you once and for all!

Just key in your employees’ details, set them as recurring pay items and our software will automatically generate monthly records for you, including auto-calculating CPF contribution details.

All you need to do every month is to verify generated records, download a file, and upload it conveniently on EZPay via FTP.

Interested to learn more? Get in touch with our team and learn how we can make your EZPay contributions a breeze!