Process Payroll in 60 Seconds

We want to help you process your monthly payroll in under a minute. That’s our goal regardless if you have 1 employee or 50 employees. This includes accurate calculations of mandatory funds and fees (CPF, SDL, SHG, FWL). Discover the payroll software built for SMEs in Singapore.


3 Simple Steps

It’s simple really. Key in information. Review the system generated
pay items. Then finalize it. Literally 3 simple steps.

Key in Pay Items

Key in pay items such as salary and allowances. But let's make it even simpler. Set them as recurring pay items and the system will auto generate them next round.

Review Generated CPF Amount

Our system will calculate the necessary funds or fees such as CPF, SHG, SDL, and FWL. You can review and check if the pay items are correct.

Finalize Payroll

At this point, you can download files and reports such as Take Home Pay, FWL and CPF reports. You can also download a file to do CPF eSubmission.


Employees Management
Bulk Upload Records to Save Time

For new account sign ups, user will have to add all their employees’ details into our system. Whilst you can add one record at a time, we do provide an option for bulk upload. Upload an excel file with your employees’ details into our system and it’ll create them automatically.

  • Employees Excel File Upload
  • Setup Recurring Salary Payment
  • Capture CPF Related Information

Setup Recurring Pay Items
Cut down on data entry

One of our key features is to help companies efficiently capture recurring pay items such as monthly salary or allowances. We provide up to 3 different ways to key in this information.
During Monthly Processing
Via Individual Employee Profile
Excel File Data Import

CPF eSubmission

Once you’ve finalized a particular month’s payroll, you can download a file to submit to CPF Board. It includes the full set of CPF data including Employer and Employee contributes, SDL and SHG. No more keying in CPF figures manually via EZPAY.

Auto Email Payslips
To Employess

Simply click a button and our system will set a schedule to email the month’s payslips to your employees.


Useful Reports
That you'll need

Take Home Pay

Calculates and displays the take home pay for each employee after

Foreign Worker Levy

Details the list of FWL for each work permit holder

CPF Details

Displays each individual employee's CPF record as well as the grand total CPF contributions, including SDL and SHG fees.

Accounting Report

Tally the total amount paid out according to pay Item.


Zero Costs
All Features Free to Use

Our fees are at $0! There are no hidden fees or any other requirement. No credit card or minimum contract. It’s absolutely free regardless of the number of employees you have. So share the word with your friends – the easiest to use payroll software in Singapore!

  • Employee Management
  • Import Existing Employees
  • Setup Monthly Recurring Pay Items
  • CPF Calculations
  • Skills Development Levy Calculation
  • Self Help Group Fees Calculation
  • Foreign Worker Levy Calculation
  • Employee Pay Slips
  • CPF eSubmission
  • IRAS Submission
  • Take Home Pay Report
  • CPF Summary Report
  • FWL Report
  • Overall Summery Report
  • Accounting Report
  • SSL Security

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